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Python Question

how to generate n random integers of k digits

Is there a way to create n random integers of k digits.

For example.. 2000 random integers comprising of

[0, 2, 3]

My trick was to use a random number of generator and then assign values based on the the ranges?

But was wondering if there is a better way to do this in python?

Example: [0,0,0, 2, 2,3,0,0,2,2,..... 2000 elements] comprising of 0,2 and 3
my approach

def assign(x):
if x< 0.3: return 0
elif x<0.6: return 2
else: return 3

x = np.random.rand(num)

x = map(lamdba x:assign(x),x)

Answer Source

From the sounds of it, it looks like you want to generate a sequence of length n using only the values found within the list k.

Python's random.choice function combined with list comprehension is perfect for this.

The following function will generate a list of length n with each element being a random element chosen from k.

from random import choice

def random_choices(n, k):
    return [choice(k) for _ in xrange(n)]

Here is the same thing as simple list comprehension.

from random import choice
foo = [choice(k) for _ in xrange(n)]

*Thanks to Mr.goosberry for pointing out that xrange should be replaced with range in python 3.x.x.

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