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Unable to use console in ZF2

I'm trying to access a function from my controller, using the console. It's a small application, so i only have one controller, 'IndexController'. The action i'm trying to reach is the 'buildSchemeAction'.

As i understand, you have to add routes in your "module.config.php" file, which i did as followed :

return array(
'console' => array (
'router' => array (
'routes' => array (
'build-scheme' => array (
'options' => array (
'route' => 'build-scheme',
'defaults' => array (
'controller' => 'Application\Controller\Index',
'action' => 'build-scheme'
), ..//

My Controller function looks like this :

public function buildSchemeAction()
// logic here

When i enter the following in console :

php index.php build-scheme

i get :

Zend Framework 2.2.5 application

Reason for failure: Invalid arguments or no arguments provided

I've been searching the web, but can't find anything. Am i missing something?

Answer Source

I just found out why it didn't work. I had my console routes at the top of my module.config file, while this was at the very bottom :

// Placeholder for console routes
'console' => array(
    'router' => array(
        'routes' => array(

Totally overlooked it, since it was there by default.

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