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Displayng latex equation in gitlab wiki using the markdown editor

I am interested in building a wiki for my scientific computing code on gitlab which needs me to write equations and render them in the wiki in gitlab.

How to do this.

I tried to paste the mathjax rendering script but it doesn't work.

Can KaTeX be used anyhow ?

\partial_t \int_{\Omega} \mathbf{q} d \Omega =
\int_{\partial \Omega} \mathbf{f} (
\mathbf{q}) \cdot \mathbf{n}d \partial
\Omega - \int_{\Omega} hg \nabla z_b

Answer Source

GitLab supports KaTex from GitLab CE 8.15 using code backticks.

Documentation is here and the Relevant discussion are on merge request 8003.

Here is the current way to use equations in GitLab

Syntax Preview

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