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Spring Oauth Token storing mechanism

I'm trying to implement Spring OAuth. I'm new to it and I'm trying to understand how it works.

My Questions:

  1. OAuth generates token after authentication and this token must be used for every request the user makes. We need to append this access_token to each REST API call for accessing the resources. Did I sound correct?

  2. Do we need to store this token on client side (using cookies)? or is there anyway so that we do not need to store this token at client side and can be handled on the server side?

  3. If we have to store the token on client side what's the best way to do it? I have gone through this link

Answer Source
  1. If endpoint on your server is protected by oauth, then yes, you have to pass token with each request - probably in "Authorization: Bearer {token}" header. In spring its solved by using different restTemplate - OAuth2RestTemplate which automatically fetch it and add to request.
  2. You just store just JSESSIONID in a cookie. Then spring read session from store ( disc where tomcat is installed / redis if you use spring session project/ etc )
  3. Access token should be relatively short living. There should also be revoke endpoint available so you can invalidate specific token when there are reasons to believe it was compromised.

3.a) there is another issue with storing some data on client side. Its about storing clientId, clientSecret on mobile native apps. Android apps code can be reverse engineered quite easily, so anyone can then try to use your oauth app to get token. In those situations its recomennded to use different grant type "password" - check

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