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How to run my Angular site on mobile device that is running localhost on my windows desktop

I know from this question and answer on Super User Site running on localhost on desktop is unreachable on android device (PS: this question continues on the question in the link) that the command

ng serve
opens a bad configured webserver.

The question is how could I run my site on an Android device without deploying my site. I'll try to run the site on this url
using Angular-CLI.

Answer Source

try ng serve --host option as explained in this issue: https://github.com/angular/angular-cli/issues/1793 comment by intellix.

  1. ng serve --host
  2. Find your local ip address by following this
  3. Navigate to <local ip adress>:4200 from any device on the same network.

otherwise try https://ngrok.com/ to open a tunnel from your local network to your computers localhost. Basically your computer forwards the 4200 port to an external ip and port that any device on the network can access.

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