Rohan Rohan - 11 months ago 64
PHP Question

How to use the request route parameter in Laravel 5 form request?

I am new to Laravel 5 and I am trying to use the new Form Request to validate all forms in my application.

Now I am stuck at a point where I need to DELETE a resource and I created a DeleteResourceRequest for just to use the authorize method.

The problem is that I need to find what id is being requested in the route parameter but I cannot see how to get that in to the authorize method.

I can use the id in the controller method like so:

public function destroy($id, DeletePivotRequest $request)

But how to get this to work in the authorize method of the Form Request?


That's very simple, just use the route() method. Assuming your route parameter is called id:

public function authorize(){
    $id = $this->route('id');