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Is there pointer in C# like C++? Is it safe?

I'm writing an application that work with a tree data structure. I've written it with C++, now i want to write it by C#. I use pointers for implementing the tree data structure. Is there a pointer in C# too? Is it safe to use it?

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If you're implementing a tree structure in C# (or Java, or many other languages) you'd use references instead of pointers. NB. references in C++ are not the same as these references.

The usage is similar to pointers for the most part, but there are advantages like garbage collection.

class TreeNode
    private TreeNode parent, firstChild, nextSibling;

    public InsertChild(TreeNode newChild)
        newChild.parent = this;
        newChild.nextSibling = firstChild;
        firstChild = newChild;

var root = new TreeNode();
var child1 = new TreeNode();

Points of interest:

  • No need to modify the type with * when declaring the members
  • No need to set them to null in a constructor (they're already null)
  • No special -> operator for member access
  • No need to write a destructor (although look up IDisposable)
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