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AppleScript Question

How to make a script to show/hide hidden files in Mac OS X?

I just got my MBP with Retina and i'm really new to the Mac OS X (using PC before). I noticed that the Mac doesn't have a GUI to show/hide hidden files like Windows. I've researched and saw this site Show Hidden Files on your Mac. And yes, it works.

To show hidden files:
(Using Terminal)
defaults write

com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE killall Finder

To hide hidden files:
defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE killall Finder

What i wanted to do is to make an executable script that will perform the above commands when i double-click it so that i don't have to type commands in Terminal in order for me to show/hide hidden files. I saw Applescript but i'm not very familiar with it. I don't know the commands to perform what i want. But i've read some.

Can someone please help me make an executable script that will show/hide hidden files in my Mac?

Answer Source

I saw a link which provides options to Show/Hide hidden files.


I used the Automator Script which you can download from the link that i gave.

To make things more efficient for me to Show/Hide hidden files, I saved the script as an Application using Automator.

And then created a keyboard shortcut for the "Show-Hide Hidden Files" application that I created using the steps found here:


And now i just have to press the keyboard shortcut if i want to show or hide hidden files. I can do this in any application. :)

BTW, thank you all for your answers. This is just another way to show/hide hidden files efficiently.

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