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Call a segue from another Navigation Controller

I'm trying to jump to a View that's on another Navigation Controller.
You Can see the situation from my storyboard:
enter image description here

Once I get to the the "Edit Sticker" view i want to go back to the "Create Pack" but I don't want that the "back" that I get once i click save takes me back to "Edit Sticker", it should take me to the view that's on the left of "Create pack".
You can see the situation from this:
enter image description here

What could be a good solution?
How can I invoke a segue (the first one you see on the first picture on the top left, that's calling "Create pack") that's on another Navigation view controller?


Tried setting it with one Navigation Controller:
enter image description here

and programmatically setting this when I press Add:


takes me back to the "1st View". I need to go the "Create pack" view.

Answer Source

How come the Edit Sticker view controller is on its on navigation controller?

If the navigation hierarchy went Root -> Create Sticker -> Edit Sticker, you can call self.navigationController.popToRootViewController when the user clicks save.

But if you want to control the segue, then use self.navigationController.popViewControllerAnimated(animated: Bool) as that just pops the view on top to give you more control.

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