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SQL Question

How to anticipate and escape single quote ' in oracle

Suppose I have a column value as

it will throw error in oracle saying sql command not properly ended.

My question is if I don't know how many
are in my value, how can I escape them safely.

Answer Source

The best way is to use the quoting string literal technique. The syntax is q'[...]', where the "[" and "]" characters can be any of the following as long as they do not already appear in the string.

  • !
  • [ ]
  • { }
  • ( )
  • < >

You don't have to worry about the single-quotation marks within the string.

Suppose i have a column value as aaa'gh

So you could simply write the SQL as,

SELECT q'[aaa'gh]' FROM DUAL;

It saves a lot of time for developers. Gone are those days when we(developers) used to verify the dynamic sql using dbms_output in development DB, just to make sure things are at place before moving into production.

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