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Does PyCharm's Database Tool support to access Amazon DynamoDB and RDS?

I daily use Pycharm as my primary python IDE. My projects use Boto (Amazon Python SDK) to access Amazon DynomoDB and Amazon RDS. Does any one has experience to make Pycharm works with Amazon's Database service?

I think if I can view and show table content of RDS and search the data of DynomoDB directly from Pycharm would be pretty neat.

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Yes you can connect to AWS databases using boto through Pycharm. Try these codes to access the Redshift, Elastic Cache and RDS.

#Accessing RDS

rds_sg = conn2.get_all_dbinstances()
for r in rds_sg:
    #print r

# Redshift

redshift_sg = conn3.describe_clusters()
for cluster_group in redshift_sg['DescribeClustersResponse']['DescribeClustersResult']['Clusters']:
    #print cluster_group

# ElasticCache
list_of_clusters = []
elastic_sg = conn4.describe_cache_clusters()
for clusters in list_of_clusters:
    #print clusters

By this, you can access the databases of AWS console.

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