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Disable "white fog" between routes on nativescript app

I develop app only for Android OS and I have a problem with "white fog" between routes viewings (while page is loaded). I use Router for routing between pages. Could somebody help me how can I fix this? Here is a short sample video (if I tap to "go back" text, there is white fog while is page loading).


Routes are declared in @NgModule and defined like in NativeScript tutorial, like this:

export const routes = [
{ path: "", redirectTo: "/login", pathMatch: "full", terminal: true },
{ path: "login", component: LoginComponent },
{ path: "list", component: ListComponent },

Answer Source

I found solution for this issue here: https://github.com/NativeScript/nativescript-angular/issues/468

So it's bug in actual tns-core-modules version. I hope that in next update of this module will be fixed this.

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