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SQL Question

Before start of result set running multiple sql

I'm currently working on an application for a restaurant. The idea for the code I'm currently working on is that it gets the name from a combobox and inserts a receipt into the database whith the employee number of the person who is working on it. The code whith which I'm trying to do it is:

RestaurantOrder sqlRestaurantOrder = new RestaurantOrder();
ActionListener printReceiptListner;
printReceiptListner = (ActionEvent) -> {
int ID = Integer.parseInt(input1.getText());
try {
SystemManager manager = new SystemManager();
ResultSet rs = manager.stmt.executeQuery(sqlRestaurantOrder.setIdSql(ID));

while ( {

double totalPrice = rs.getDouble("sumprice");
if (ID > 0) {
Receipt receiptSql = new Receipt();
String firstName = (String) cb.getSelectedItem();
String checkoutDate = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyyMMdd").format(Calendar.getInstance().getTime());
ResultSet rs2 = manager.stmt.executeQuery(receiptSql.getEmployeeId(firstName));
int employeeId = rs2.getInt("id");

while ( {

Receipt receiptSql2 = new Receipt();
ResultSet rs3 = manager.stmt.executeQuery(receiptSql2.SetStatusReceipt(employeeId, checkoutDate, ID, totalPrice));
while ( {


} catch (SQLException k) {
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, k.getMessage());

The statements are:

public class Receipt {

public String sql;
public String sql2;

public String getEmployeeId(String firstName){
return sql2 = "SELECT id FROM employee WHERE firstName = '" + firstName + "';";

public String SetStatusReceipt(int employeeId, String checkoutDate, int id, double totalPrice){
return sql = "INSERT INTO `receipt` (`employeeId`, `price`, `restaurantOrderId`, `checkoutDate`) VALUES (" + employeeId + " , " + totalPrice + ", " + id + ", " + checkoutDate + ");";


I'm getting the error before start of result set which I looked up what it means but I can't get it fixed at the moment. Help will be appreciated.

If I forgot to post more important code let me know I'll update it

Answer Source

You have to call before you are able to access the fields of that ResultSet. So you need to move your assignment of employeeId into your while loop:

while ( {
    int employeeId = rs2.getInt("id");

From the documentation of

A ResultSet cursor is initially positioned before the first row; the first call to the method next makes the first row the current row; the second call makes the second row the current row, and so on.

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