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Java Question

How to determine day of week by passing specific date?

For Example I've "23/2/2010" (23th Feb 2010), I want to pass it to a function and the function returns day of week?

In this example, the function should return String "Tue".

Additionally, if just the day ordinal is desired, how can that be retrieved?

Answer Source

Yes. Depending on your exact case:

  • You can use java.util.Calendar:

    Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
    int dayOfWeek = c.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK);
  • if you need the output to be Tue rather than 3 (Days of week are indexed starting at 1), instead of going through a calendar, just reformat the string: new SimpleDateFormat("EE").format(date) (EE meaning "day of week, short version")

  • if you have your input as string, rather than Date, you should use SimpleDateFormat to parse it: new SimpleDateFormat("dd/M/yyyy").parse(dateString)

  • you can use joda-time's DateTime and call dateTime.dayOfWeek() and/or DateTimeFormat.

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