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Disable resizing snap view in Windows 8.1

I'm working with a Windows 8 app using Java Script.

In windows 8 there is only one snap view and that is fixed one. But when we come to the windows 8.1 we can resize the snap view. I want to do is keep that fixed size snap view in windows 8.1 also. That means, I want to stop resizing snap view when my windows 8 app running on windows 8.1..

Is there any way for it...?

Looking for example or any guide... Thank you

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@dougajmcdonald is correct. The user is in control and will be able to resize any app to most any size, so your app will need to account for it. You can change the minimum size of your app which gives Windows a hint about where to give the user a snap point. For instance, if you say your app's minimum size is 500px then when the user is dragging the separator, it will snap to 500 pixels, but it will still allow them to resize to say 587 pixels.

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