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is replacing the GoogleService-Info.plist enough to make someone else's app work with my bundle identifier?

I recently got an app from an iOS developer, and it is working with his bundle identifier in xcode. but when I change the bundle identifier to mine , it stops working(database is not connecting) . what should I do to make it work? making a new firebase account and use my bundle identifier to get a new

and replace it with his
is enough ? (I did that too but still not connecting to the database) what have I missed ?


I want to connect to my new empty database that comes with the new firebase account , not the previous database.

Answer Source

If you read the GoogleService-Info.plist the DATABASE_URL should be different in two files. Thats why you can't connect to the previous database. You can export data from the first one and then import those json to the new database. Is this solution okay for your case?


Okay, step by step. There are error messages showing in the XCode console. Do you know how to find them? I created a Firebase file, replaced a new plist. And then I run the app, when I try to sign up. It shows a pop up "Problem with creating a new user, Problem connecting to database, Pleaes try again later". But the important thing is! This is not the error code. When you look at the XCode console, it shows:

<FIRInstanceID/WARNING> Failed to fetch default token Error Domain=com.firebase.iid Code=501 "(null)" UserInfo={msg=Missing device credentials. Retry later.}
<FIRInstanceID/WARNING> Failed to retrieve the default GCM token after 5 retries

Then you can google it. How to fix Failed to fetch default token error?

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