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OS X 3.2.1 CI "pending integration"

Over the past few days, I've been working on getting CI working with an external mac mini running OS X Server. However, I have been having many problems with OS X Server 3.2.1 and XCode 6.1b3.

It looks like Apple fixed an issue in Xcode 6.1b3 which didn't put the correct provisioning profiles into Portal.keychain. However, my integrations aren't even running now.

After running a clean OS X build, XCode server won't integrate. I succesfully connected to the server and created a bot. If I visit "SERVER.local" on my development machine, I see the bot that I created.

enter image description here

Everything is set up properly (including the integrate immediately checkbox), however my integrations sit in the "pending" state. I checked the system.log, and nothing seems to be happening.


This could be completely unrelated, but every time I click on a pending integration, I receive this error in system.log:

NSFileCoordinator only handles URLs that use the file: scheme. This one does not:

I'm not sure if this is a new problem introduced in OS X server 3.2.1, or if it's just a set up issue. Apparently no one else has had this issue, couldn't find anything on Google/ SO.

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This appears to happen when running XCode beta builds in OS X Server.

Note that this command will delete all your bots
Run sudo xcrun xcscontrol --reset to reset.

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