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Swift Question

Using protocol in Swift

I want to use protocols. I have a collection view and collection view cells which belongs to this collection view. I have a button in this cell. I want to call a method in collectionview class (not cell class) when user taps to this button.

I am defining my cell class with following code:

protocol testPro {
func replyClicked()

class MessageGalleryViewControllerCellCollectionViewCell: UICollectionViewCell {

var test1: testPro?

// ...

Then when user taps to button system calling following method in cell class.

func replyAction(sender:UIButton!)


And My collection view class:

class ReceivedPhotosViewController: UIViewController,UICollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout, UICollectionViewDataSource, testPro {

func replyClicked() {

But I can't see any log like "clicked". So it is not working. Where is the problem?

Answer Source

You are not assigning your test1 to your cell. In your cellForItemAtindexPath, put cell.test1 = self after instantiating the cell.

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