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Python Question

nvcc fatal : Value 'sm_61' is not defined for option 'gpu-architecture' error with theano

I was setting up python and theano for use with gpu on;
ubuntu 14.04,
GeForce GTX 1080
already installed NVIDIA driver (367.27) and CUDA toolkit (7.5) successfully for the system,
but on testing with theano gpu implementation I get the above error (for example; when importing theano with gpu enabled)
I have tried to look for possible solutions but didn't succeed.
I'm a little new to ubuntu and gpu programming, so I would appreciate any insight into how I can solve this problem.

Answer Source

As Robert Crovella said, SM 6.1 (sm_61) is only supported in CUDA 8.0 and above, and thus you should download CUDA 8.0 Release Candidate from

Ubuntu 14.04 is supported, and the instructions on the website on how to setup should be straightforward (copy and paste lines to the console).

I would also recommend downloading CUDA 8.0 when it comes out, since the RC is not the final version.

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