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Python Question

Python storing number with leading zeros in Dictionary

I have a dictionary called table. I want to assign this number to the below dic key. it keeps giving me an error saying "invalid token". I have tried converting it string, int, and float but to no avail

table['Fac_ID'] = 00000038058

Answer Source

Don't convert it to a string, use it as a string in the first place:

>>> table['Fac_ID'] = str(00000038058)
  File "<stdin>", line 1
    table['Fac_ID'] = str(00000038058)
SyntaxError: invalid token
>>> table['Fac_ID'] = '00000038058'
>>> print table['Fac_ID']

str, as any function, evaluates the argument to a value before passing it in, so if there was an invalid token before str, using str is not going to change that. You need to use a valid token, so just hardcode the string.

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