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Javascript Question

Target Paragraph Inside Table

I feel a bit stupid, I looked stackoverflow over and over again, found much help but nothing worked. I can not target the following html:

<p class="dialog">More Infos</p>

so that my hover effect works. I tried so many combinations, this is one of them:

$('table tr td .dialog').contenthover({

I also tried to use the .find function.
The hover effect works if I just target p.dialog and remove the table structure in the html, but I need the table !

Answer Source

There is three things that I see.

1- A non-jQuery method : .contenthover
2- Some non-CSS attributes : overlay_...
3- CSS changes are done with .css() method.

Try this:

$('table tr td .dialog').on("mouseover",function(){

Should work.

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