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Python Question

Calculate bytes between two hex offsets

In Python, I'm trying to extract some data from a binary file. I know the offsets of my data. They are always the same. For instance, written beneath is the first 4 offsets and the converted offset as a decimal value.

  • Offset1 - 0x00000409 - 1033

  • Offset2 - 0x0000103A - 4154

  • Offset3 - 0x00001C6B - 7275

  • Offset4 - 0x0000289C - 10396

I know that each offset (after the first one), is 3121 decimals apart, so is there a way I can just skip to the next offset? How do I move 3121 decimals to the next offset?

There are 128 offsets that I need to extract. I hope there is a way of dynamically determining the difference (number of bytes) between offsets?

I can then get the same data each time, using 0x100 to extract 256 characters from the offset.

Answer Source

use to skip between locations in a file. In this case, to go to the next location in the file, you would use, 1) which seeks 3121 bytes ahead relative to the current position.

EDIT: I didn't realize you were changing the file position after opening it, so it should actually be 2685 bytes that you're seeking ahead each time, to account for the 256 you read.