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ASP.NET (C#) Question

IIS Returns a /IISConfig/Config.aspx (Blank) Page

I'm trying to install Sense/NET on my Computer for demo purposes. I managed to install the Demo (Community Edition) Version on Port 80 as i followed the instructions on their WIKI Page

but when i tried to install another copy of Sense/NET (regardless of being a Demo/Community/Evaluation Edition) i kept getting this Blank /IISConfig/Config.aspx Page.

I am running on Windows 8.1 and IIS 8.x

if i am mistaken in any configurations please let me know and help me.

The Blank /IISConfig/Config.aspx Page

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EDIT: According to their WIKI (again)

First of all, check the port number: it should be set to '80'.

it is just strange as it seem that it must be under Port 80 and Port 80 only. is there any walk-through such limitations ?. like for example, another web app is also running along Port 80 and Port 80 alone ?. can this be achievable via web.config or iis ?

if not, there technically there is nothing we can do. The least is to mark my own post as the answer.

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