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Getting string from mainactivity to an activity that extends AsyncTask, using edittext

I need to pass a string to AsyncTask by taking an input from MainActivity to put that string to an url which is present in the AsyncTask. I have two activities, one is MainActivity and another is fetchData activity. My MainActivity code:

public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity {
Button click;
EditText text;
public static TextView data;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
click = (Button) findViewById(R.id.button);
data = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.fetcheddata);
text = (EditText) findViewById(R.id.editText);
String theText = text.getText().toString();
click.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View view) {fetchData process = new fetchData();process.execute();}});}}

And my fetchData Activity code goes like this:

public class fetchData extends AsyncTask<Void,Void,Void> {
String data ="";
String dataParsed = "";
String singleParsed ="";
String uriString;
@Overrideprotected Void doInBackground(Void... voids) {
try {
URL url = new URL("http://fuelpriceindia.herokuapp.com/price?city=mumbai");
HttpURLConnection httpURLConnection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
InputStream inputStream = httpURLConnection.getInputStream();
BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(inputStream));
String line = "";
while(line != null){
line = bufferedReader.readLine();
data = data + line;}
JSONObject JO = new JSONObject(data);
catch (MalformedURLException e) {
} catch (IOException e) {
} catch (JSONException e) {
}return null;}@Override protected void onPostExecute(Void aVoid){super.onPostExecute(aVoid);MainActivity.data.setText(this.dataParsed);}}`

I want to pass a string to get any city name in the url
URL url = new URL("http://fuelpriceindia.herokuapp.com/price?city=mumbai");

city=any city name got from the edit text.

Answer Source

There are multiple ways to pass data to AsyncTask.

  1. create a constructor with parameter in your AysncTask like -

      public void fetchData(String city) {
  2. Pass value in parameter of AsyncTask like -

     fetchData process = new fetchData();
     process.execute(text.getText().toString()); // Pass parameter

In your AsyncTask get this value

protected Void doInBackground(String...params) 
    String cityName = params[0];
    try {
    URL url = new URL("http://fuelpriceindia.herokuapp.com/price?city="+cityName);


Make sure to convert your

 public class fetchData extends AsyncTask<Void,Void,Void> 


 public class fetchData extends AsyncTask<String,Void,Void> 
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