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Why I can't use std::unique_ptr for avoiding circular dependency?

Here is my piece of code:

class Model;

class Resources
Resources() :
, pathToSkyBoxModel("E:\\C++\\OpenGLtutorial\\resources\\cube.obj")

void Init(const ShaderProgram& shaderProgram);

/* Setters */
void SetSkyBoxModelPath(std::string&& newPath) { pathToSkyBoxModel = newPath; };

/* Getters */
bool IsInitialized() const noexcept { return initialized; };
const std::string& GetPathToSkyBoxModel() const noexcept { return pathToSkyBoxModel; };

DiffuseTexture default_texture;
TransparentTexture default_transparent_texture;


std::unique_ptr<Model> pModel;
bool initialized;

I am trying to avoid circular dependency by using std::unique_ptr for Resource class member pModel. Unfortunately, I get compilation error like: "You can't use here partly defined class". But it works for std::shared_ptr and common pointer. What's wrong with std::unique_ptr ?

Answer Source

Problem is that the compiler tries to declare an inline destructor, and for that it needs the full definition of the class.

You can get around it by declaring a destructor in the .h and defining it in the /.cpp

//in .h

//in cpp
Resources::~Resources() {} 
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