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Sass (Sass) Question

├── UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY generator-karma@>=0.9.0

So basically I want to understand why when I run

npm install sass-loader node-sass --save-dev
I get an this error

├── UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY generator-karma@>=0.9.0

However it's clear that Karma is installed since when I run
npm install generator-karma
I see that :

└─┬ generator-karma@2.0.0 <--- Which mean karma is there...
└─┬ yeoman-generator@0.22.6
├── async@1.5.2

I've read answer explaining I should use
npm install -g grunt-cli bower yo generator-karma generator-angular
but this is not helping much.

Should I uninstall and reinstall a clean

Answer Source

npm no longer installs module dependencies automatically. That means you have to install the dependencies modules yourself. Basically if you run npm install generator-karma@>=0.9.0 and then run the your previous npm install command you should be good to go.

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