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In Angular 2 how do you determine the active route?

In an Angular 2 application (current in the 2.0.0-beta.0 release as I write this), how do you determine what the currently active route is?

I'm working on an app that uses Bootstrap 4 and I need a way to mark navigation links/buttons as active when their associated component is being shown in a


I realize that I could maintain the state myself when one of the buttons is clicked upon, but that wouldn't cover the case of having multiple paths into the same route (say a main navigation menu as well as a local menu in the main component).

Any suggestions or links would be appreciated. Thanks.

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You can check the current route by injecting the Location object into your controller and checking the path like so:

class MyController {
    constructor(private _location: Location) {}
    public getPath() { return this._location.path() }

You will have to make sure to import it first:

import {Location} from "angular2/router";

You can then use a regular expression to match against the path that's returned to see which route is active. Note that the Location class returns a normalized path regardless of which LocationStrategy you're using. So even if you're using the HashLocationStragegy the paths returned will still be of the form /foo/bar not #/foo/bar

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