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What are reliable ways to identify/spot a single page application (SPA)?

When viewing a web application as a user, what are some reliable ways to determine if the app is a single page application (SPA)?

Is there a way to determine this by looking at the source code in the browser/console? Does looking at the URL and how it changes indicate anything?

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Depending on the framework used, the URL might make extensive use of hashtags. IF you click on navigation links, etc and the URL looks like http://somesite/#/some/route, then it is using hashtag-based routing and is a SPA. Angular 1.x did this for a while. However, newer routing engines use HTML5 features that make the route look like a normal URL: http://somesite/some/route. This URL would be indistinguishable from a non-SPA site. In that case, the only way to tell it is a SPA is to look at the javascript code (Does it use a SPA framework) and/or network traffic (when you click a link does it get the whole page, or just some JSON needed for the current view).

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