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Target a specific version of Android with Meteor

Yes, I have read the Meteor Cordova PhoneGap Integration Guide but I couldn't find any information on this issue.

I am trying to set up Meteor to develop for Android.
My phone runs Android 4.2.something and a lot of our potential users probably run some JellyBean (4.1.x-4.3.x), ICS (4.0.x) or Gingerbread (2.3.x) - but probably not KitKat (4.4.x).

Meteor by default targets only android-19 (4.4.x), un-installing this target even makes it think that the ADK is not installed at all. (I used

meteor configure-android
for that, which appearantly only configures the ADK and not Meteor itself.)

How can I make both my emulator and my builds target older/different versions of Android?

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This is a bit outdated but if anyone else runs into this this same question, The answer by Mário is valid, but if like myself one does not use Android Studio this can also help.

Add this line to your mobile-config.js:

App.setPreference('android-targetSdkVersion', '17');

replace 17 with your desired version.

This might also help: