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SQL Question

Sql server update multiple columns from another table

I have read lots of post about how to update multiple columns but still can't find right answer.

I have one table and I would like update this table from another table.

Update table1
set (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k)=(t2.a,t2.b,t2.c,t2.d,t2.e,t2.f,t2.g,t2.h,t2.i,t2.j,t2.k)
SELECT ..... with join ... where ....

) t2
where table1.id=table2.id

If I running only select statement (between brackets) then script return values but not working with update

Answer Source

TSQL does not support row-value constructor. Use this instead:

UPDATE table1 
SET a = t2.a,
    b = t2.b,
SELECT ..... with join ... WHERE .... 
) t2
WHERE table1.id = table2.id
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