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create screenshot of webpage using html2canvas (unable to initialize properly)

I am attempting to use to take screenshots of my webpage. I am unable to initialize a canvas element using...

var canvas = $('body').html2canvas();

If I were able to get a proper canvas I would follow with something like

var dataUrl = canvas.toDataURL(); //get's image string; // display image

Unfortunately, the documentations is very limited IMO. . I do not believe I need to preload as I am not using any dynamic graphics(but am not even getting that far anyways)

I am simply too noob to understand if this guy is having success with screen capturing using html2canvas

I don't seem to be getting any farther than this fellow..
How to upload a screenshot using html2canvas?

My ideal solution would demonstrate how to create screenshot with minimal code. (Copy html to canvas. get toDataURL string. output string)

ANY insight is GREATLY appreciated =)

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You should use it this way:

var queue = html2canvas.Parse();
var canvas = html2canvas.Renderer(queue,{elements:{length:1}});
var img = canvas.toDataURL();;

It took me few hours to figure it out, how to use it the right way. The {elements:{length:1}} is required, due to incomplete implement of the plugin, otherwise you'll get an error.

Good luck!