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Recomendation on learning Objective-C for C++ programmers

Is there any books or cheat sheets or online courses that will help C++ programmer learn Objective-C quickly.
From my experience, I can somehow read most of the Objective-C code in a iPhone app project and am sometimes confused about the symbol syntax, such as

, which are not easy to search online.

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This is an amazing pdf book called From C++ to Objective-C by Pierre Chatelier that I relied on when I learned it. It's free on his website.



The pdf doesn't touch on some of the modern syntactical sugar that's been added nor does it speak specifically to ios development. After reading the pdf I spent a few days on one of those learn to code websites (treehouse in my case) just to get a quick exposure to the ecosystem.

If your experienced in c++ that's probably all you need.

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