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resize all objects inside view in titanium

I have a view that contains my layout . when a button is pressed the main view is resized but all it children keep the same height and width. How can I resize all objects that are inside the main view?

for example when I have this:

var view = Ti.UI.createView({


how can I for example resize the secunde view that is added to the firs one?

I'm developing my app in titanium in classic mode.


Because you specified SIZE as the size for a view it will keep that size. As you didn't specify it needed to have a size based on the parent.

The only way to do this is, if you specify the height and width as a percentage.

If your content is in fact dynamic you could trick it.

When the button is pressed convert your view to an image with var image = view.toImage().

Then, hide all the content you've added and insert the image into your view:

var image = view.toImage()

var img = Ti.UI.createImageView({
    height: '100%',
    width: '100%',
    image: image

Then you can resize your view and the content will resize too.