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PHP Question

Notice: Array to string conversion in

I'm trying to select a value from a database and display it to the user using SELECT. However I keep getting this- Notice: Array to string conversion in (pathname) on line 36.
I thought that the @mysql_fetch_assoc(); would fix this but I still get the notice. This is the part of the code where I'm getting the error:

$loggedin = 1;

$get = @mysql_query("SELECT money FROM players WHERE username =
$money = @mysql_fetch_assoc($get);

echo '<p id= "status">'.$_SESSION['username'].'<br>
Money: '.$money.'.

What am I doing wrong? I'm pretty new to PHP.


The problem is that $money is an array and you are treating it like a string or a variable which can be easily converted to string. You should say something like:

 '.... Money:'.$money['money']