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Get color from Xamarin.Forms.Color on android drawable XML

Is something like this possible on a drawable xml file?

<stroke android:width="1dp" android:color="Xamarin.Forms.Color.Red.ToAndroid" />

I want to be able to have a list of colors on my shared project and be able to use them on the XML files on android?


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Via code, you can use the Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.ColorExtensions to convert from a Xamarin.Forms color to an Android.Graphics.Color.

Within your Xamarin.Android project (custom Forms renderers, etc...):

Android.Graphics.Color aColor = Xamarin.Forms.Color.Blue.ToAndroid()

Xamarin.Forms.Color is based on W3C standards so you can use these as your Android color xml resource file to provide the same colors within your custom AXML-based drawables/layout/etc...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <color name="white">#FFFFFF</color>
 <color name="yellow">#FFFF00</color>
 <color name="fuchsia">#FF00FF</color>
 <color name="red">#FF0000</color>
 <color name="silver">#C0C0C0</color>
 <color name="gray">#808080</color>
 <color name="olive">#808000</color>
 <color name="purple">#800080</color>
 <color name="maroon">#800000</color>
 <color name="aqua">#00FFFF</color>
 <color name="lime">#00FF00</color>
 <color name="teal">#008080</color>
 <color name="green">#008000</color>
 <color name="blue">#0000FF</color>
 <color name="navy">#000080</color>
 <color name="black">#000000</color>

Note: It is not possible to use code based / dynamic variables within AXML files

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