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HTML CSS How to swap css attributes

I am working on a project and I have multiple pages.
I only have one CSS file. I have specified the tr:hover attribute in a table for one page, but on another page I also have a table where I do not want this to be applied. Is there any way? It changes the color upon hovering, but I want it to be applied only on the one specific page.

What comes on my mind is to make a second css file, but I would rather not do it as we were told to try to get everything into one.

Thank you.

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You answer here is the wonderful world of body classes. You would apply a class to each page, for the home page you could use:

<body class="homePage">

for other pages, other classes. You then target these pages on a per page basis like this:

.homePage tr:hover {background: pink;}
.aboutPage tr:hover {background: red;} 

Alternatively you can simply ID the table:

<table id="table1">

and then target just that table:

#table1 tr:hover {background: pink}

...but I recommend the body tags as a good way to work in general.

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