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coordinates for circles of euler diagram in R

I am trying to make something like this:


My code is still in this stage:


Unfortunately I can't set the coordinates of circles' centres with the VennDiagram package. Does anyone know a trick for achieving that? Or another package that gets closer to the graphic I'm looking for?

venn.plot <- draw.triple.venn(area1=A, area2=B, area3=C,
n12 =A, n23 = B, n13 = A, n123 = A,
fill = c("yellow1", "yellow3", "yellow4"),
euler = TRUE,
c("First", "Second", "Third") )

Answer Source

For your specific case (nested subsets), you could just manually draw three circles using grid. Assuming set A contains set B contains set C:

set_sizes <- c(A = 25, B = 16, C = 9)
set_radii <- 0.5 * c(
  A = 1,  
  B = sqrt(set_sizes["B"] / set_sizes["A"]), 
  C = sqrt(set_sizes["C"] / set_sizes["A"])

  y = set_radii, 
  r = set_radii, 
  gp = gpar(fill = c("red", "green", "blue"))