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PHP Question

PHP - Parse XML

I am attempting to learn APIs and trying with the Amazon's AWSECommerceService. Using the XML below, I am trying to parse out specific values. In particular, I would like to get a value that is within a nest such as the number with . I thought I could do this with PHP SimpleXML but I am having a hard time doing this. Why won't this code work?

$xml=simplexml_load_file("test.xml") or die("Error: Cannot create object");
echo $xml->ItemLookupResponse[0]->Offers->TotalOffers . "<br>";

Answer Source

Your simpleXML root is ItemLookupResponse so change

echo $xml->ItemLookupResponse[0]->Offers->TotalOffers . "<br>";


echo $xml->Items->Item->Offers->TotalOffers . "<br>";
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