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Python Question

Separating and Dropping stringed data from a column in Python

Hello If i have a column in a data frame like this:

0 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
1 Detroit, MI

I wish to extract the Words "Dallas" and "Detroit" only and drop the remaining data.I want the column to look like this after:

0 Dallas
1 Detroit

Is there any way to do this. Thanks

Answer Source

You can use the extract method with regex (^[A-Za-z]+). This extracts all alpha characters from the beginning of the string:


#0     Dallas
#1    Detroit
#Name: OriginalCityName, dtype: object

Or if you are sure what you want to extract comes before either / or ,, you can try this one: df.OriginalCityName.str.extract('(^.*?)(?=[/,])'). This extracts everything before the first / or , due to lazy match .*?.

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