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Why shouldn't I use System.out.println() in android

In this code style they said that we shouldn't use System.out.println() but I don't understand their's idea. can Anyone explain about that? What should I use to trace the log of my app?

System.out.println() (or printf() for native code) should never be used. System.out and System.err get redirected to /dev/null, so your print statements will have no visible effects. However, all the string building that happens for these calls still gets executed.

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It was my problem too. You should use class methods of Log.

As android developer, these are the commonly used method of Logging utility

  1. Log.d() - Debug
  2. Log.e() - Error
  3. Log.i() - Information
  4. Log.w() - Warning
  5. Log.v() - Verbose
  6. - What a Terrible Failure: Report an exception that should never happen.

Methods above have both parameters :

  1. String , String - This is a basic parameter which is a TAG and Message.
  2. String, String, Throwable - Has similarity on first one. However, If you want to log an Exception or any Throwables in logcat, other than calling printStackTrace() use this.

EDIT: Going straight to answer your question. println() of System.out and System.err will still displayed in logcat, but with limitations.

  • You can't log VERBOSE, ERROR, or DEBUG using System.out or System.err.
  • You can't define your own TAG, it will display System.err or System.out with your text. As equivalence

    • System.out.println("Hello!") is equivalent to Log.i("System.out","Hello!")
    • System.err.println("Hello!") is equivalent to Log.w("System.err","Hello!")
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