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Java Question

clear the java cache from the command line in linux

The title says it all. I have to clear the java cache (to load a fresh version of an applet) from the command line, and the command line only, without any GUI.

I have seen but when I try

javaws -clearcache

it opens a GUI that leads me to a window for the Java Control Panel.

The window (seen remotely on a windows machine) is non-resizable, and the interesting buttons from "Temporary Internet Files" are not in the visible
part of the window.

Answer Source

Sorry, I thought you were talking about Java memory cache...

I think you got downvoted because your question is out of topic, and unclear. From this "GUI", you must see where your cache is stored.

Mine is here: /home/ju/.cache/icedtea-web/cache ; then I must do

rm -rf /home/ju/.cache/icedtea-web/cache/*

to remove its content.

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