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C++ Question

How do I create a pause/wait function using Qt?

I'm playing around with Qt, and I want to create a simple pause between two commands. However it won't seem to let me use

Sleep(int mili);
, and I can't find any obvious wait functions.

I am basically just making a console application to test some class code which will later be included in a proper Qt GUI, so for now I'm not bothered about breaking the whole event-driven model.

Answer Source

This previous question mentions using qSleep() which is in the QtTest module. To avoid the overhead linking in the QtTest module, looking at the source for that function you could just make your own copy and call it. It uses defines to call either Windows Sleep() or Linux nanosleep().

#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
#include <windows.h> // for Sleep
void QTest::qSleep(int ms)
    QTEST_ASSERT(ms > 0);

#ifdef Q_OS_WIN
    struct timespec ts = { ms / 1000, (ms % 1000) * 1000 * 1000 };
    nanosleep(&ts, NULL);
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