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jQuery not seeing string in span that's displayed with php echo

My php page looks something like this (with jQuery loaded above the script). It works correctly (the css for #desc-* changes from display:none to display:inline) when the text within span id="description" is normal text, but when using php echo function (it's retrieving the string value for $itemdesc from the URL; the value can either be "Product A" or "Product B") to display the string, the code doesn't work. I thought the ready function would let the PHP / DOM load and it would work, but nope.

Edit: I removed the php short tag but that didn't help. (The echo function was working with or without the short tag).

Edit #2: I'm now using @Alex Andrei 's js code. But the issue seems to be due to using _GET (my knowledge here is limited). As a test, I replaced

<?php $itemdesc=$_GET["itemdesc"]; >
<?php $itemdesc = 'Product A';>
and then echo'd it, and the javascript worked.

Edit 3: Solved. the strings weren't matching 100% because of white space characters.

<?php $itemdesc=$_GET["itemdesc"]; ?> //can be "Product A" or "Product B"


#desc-a, #desc-b {display: none;}

You purchased: <span id="description"><?php echo $itemdesc ?></span> and
<span id="desc-a">you'll get it in 1 day.</span>
<span id="desc-b">you'll get it in 5 days.</span>

$(document).ready(function () {
var c = document.getElementById("description").innerHTML;

if (document.getElementById("description").innerHTML == "Product A") {
document.getElementById("desc-a").style.display = "inline";

if (document.getElementById("description").innerHTML == "Product B") {
document.getElementById("desc-b").style.display = "inline";

Answer Source

You don't need jQuery for this

See the below example


$itemdesc = trim($_GET["itemdesc"]);


<script type="text/javascript">

var desc = document.getElementById("description");


  case desc.innerHTML == 'Product A':
    document.getElementById("desc-a").style.display = "inline";

  case desc.innerHTML == 'Product B':
    document.getElementById("desc-b").style.display = "inline";


Also your if blocks are not opened/closed properly.

I added a trim around the GET to do away with any leading or trailing whitespace such as newlines or spaces.

You should definitely consider the approach @SurrealDreams proposed in his answer since it takes away a number of security issues.

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