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Ubunutu - .ssh folder exists but I cannot see it? only through terminal

When I go to my terminals and use $ cd ~/.ssh I am able to enter the directory, which proves it exists. However, when I use any other file browser, I cannot find the .ssh folder!

Why is this happening?? I desperately need to access the .ssh perhaps it is invisible? Can anyone help me

(Ubuntu 14.04)

Answer Source

Any files or directories which start with dot are hidden. They cannot be seen from file browser. Open you terminal and

ls -a

now you will see your .ssh directory listed. make sure you are using ls -a command in the right home directory. If you able to cd ~ssh from one user then use ls -a command in the that user's home directory.

If you really want to see the files in the file browser then create a directory without starting with a dot and copy all the contents from the .ssh directory to the new directory which you have created.

sudo mkdir /home/user_name/sshfolder
sudo cp /home/user_name/.ssh/* /home/user_name/sshfolder/

Now open you file system browser and verify the contents. I hope this is helpful.

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