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PHP Question

Wamp Server not goes to green color

I Installed WAMP Server Successfully.

My OS is:

Windows 7 32-bits

My Wamp Server is:
2.2E ( 32bits & php 5.3 )

I had same problem 4 months back. That time, I used this link. (but OS & WAMP are 64-bits) It's worked fine.

Now, that
not gave any problem. But WAMP logo is always 'yellow' color only. That's not return to 'green'. I installed vcredist_x86.exe

I uninstalled '
', for my friend refer. But no Use. Help Me...

Thank you...

Answer Source

You can check if the port is being used by other program using WAMP menu -

  1. Click on WAMP icon select Apache -> Service -> Test Port 80, this will check if the port is used by any other program

  2. Also do this select Apache -> Service -> Install Service, this will make apache use port 80 if the port is not already used by any other program like IIS or Skype

Restart the WAMP see if the problem is fixed.

If port 80 is already used by some program, then you can choose other listening port for WAMP. To do this -

click WAMP icon -> Apache -> httpd.conf

Now find listen 80 (where 80 is port number, it can be different on your system)

Now change that to something else like 3333, you can access WAMP homepage by typing localhost:3333 or in browser's address bar.

If you want WAMP to use port 80, uninstall the program that is using port 80 and then do things stated in step 2 or you can change port in that program's setting, also check httpd.conf file for listen [port] line.

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