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Where do I store third party plugins when setting up gulp?

I am learning to use Gulp for web development, and has successfully set it up to optimize my assets for a production website. My folder structure looks like:

|- app/
|- less/
|- img/
|- plugins/
|- dist/
|- node_modules/
|- gulpfile.js
|- package.json

So currently my plugins are in the
folder, whereas the whole site is being compiled in
for production. I could think of two options:

  1. Move the
    folder outside the
    folder, however
    files inside the
    folder would have to link to files outside the
    in this case (e.g.
    ) which doesn't seem logical.

  2. Copy the whole
    folder every time I compile the project with
    gulp build
    which seems to take a while. Not sure if that's a right way to do it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Answer Source

I'm a little surprised that I couldn't find this in their docs, but third party plugins should be managed by using npm.

'npm install --save plugin-name'

Arguably you might use the --save-dev flag instead


As for third party clientside libraries, you can still use npm, but some folks prefer to use bower or other tools instead.

It is generally considered best practice to not minify the third party scripts further, but instead you'd leave them in node_modules and make that servable, copy them to your dist folder or concatenate them with your other files as appropriate to your requirements.

As for how you let index.html know where to find them, that's going to be the same as how you do it for other files and depends on your workflow. Some folks object all their scripts through a function on the server which either provides he location of the one concatenated and minified production file or an array of the separate source files and renders scripts for each as appropriate.

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