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Google App Engine Local Dev Server Does not Route to Remote Cloud Storage Bucket

I am trying to access files that are hosted on a remote cloud storage bucket through the
dev server.

This direct link to google cloud storage works:

where as the local via the dev_appserver does not:


Log Output:

INFO 2016-07-06 22:37:16,461] default: "GET /_ah/gcs/leanplum-black.svg HTTP/1.1" 200 116

I am running the dev server like this: --default_gcs_bucket_name=leanplum-wordpress .

What's wrong?


We're still having this issue. We believe this is an issue that's originating from the Appengine Wordpress plugin.

We came up with the following workaround to get the images loading properly:

Create a Bookmarklet in Google Chrome and add the following url:

javascript:var start = var targetUrls = ["//" + + "/wp-content/uploads/","//" + + "/_ah/gcs/bucket-name/"];var htmlAttributes = ["src", "srcset"];jQuery("img").each(function(index, img) {targetUrls.forEach(function(pattern) {htmlAttributes.forEach(function(htmlAttr) {var htmlObj = jQuery(img).attr(htmlAttr);if (htmlObj) {jQuery(img).attr(htmlAttr, htmlObj.replace(new RegExp(pattern, "g"), "//"));}});});});

Full Code:

var targetUrls = [
    "//" + + "/wp-content/uploads/",
    "//" + + "/_ah/gcs/bucket-name/"
var htmlAttributes = ["src", "srcset"];
jQuery("img").each(function(index, img) {
    targetUrls.forEach(function(pattern) {
        htmlAttributes.forEach(function(htmlAttr) {
            var htmlObj = jQuery(img).attr(htmlAttr);
            if (htmlObj) {
                jQuery(img).attr(htmlAttr, htmlObj.replace(new RegExp(pattern, "g"), "//"));