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Using Unity to get objects based on name alone

I have an app with a handler method. The handler method gets a json string which includes the name of the object that needs to handle the request and the parameters for the request. Basically, something (I'll keep it simple) like this:

public interface IJob
bool Execute();
bool Hydrate(string source);

public class JobBase
public int Id { get; set; }
public JobType JobType { get; set; }
public CronExpression CronExpression { get; set; }

public class JobSubmitClone : JobBase, IJob
public string[] Tokens { get; set; }

public bool Hydrate(string source)
// code omitted...
return true;
public bool Execute()
// code omitted...
return true;

IJob and JobBase are both kept in a Common class project. All apps reference this DLL.

In my main app I have Unity installed and one of the steps in loading the container is accomplished like:

// Scan assemblies for Job definitions...
Where(type => typeof(IJob).IsAssignableFrom(type)),

Each "Job" is defined in its own class project and is NOT referenced by the main app. Each "Job" must inherit from

The main app has a simple REST service exposed. You can post something like:

{ jobName : JobSubmitClone, Id : 1, JobType : 2, CronExpression : '' }

In the main app I am trying to pull the object from the container based on
. I've tried this (yes, I know it violates the IoC pattern):

var container = UnityHelpers.GetConfiguredContainer();
var job = container.Resolve<IJob>(myParams.jobName); // "JobSubmitClone" //
var hydrated = job.Hydrate(myParams);
var result = job.Execute();

I am getting the following error:

Exception is: InvalidOperationException - The current type, IJob, is
an interface and cannot be constructed. Are you missing a type

What am I missing?

Answer Source

Turns out that there are a lot of ways to manipulate Unity. This is what ended up working so far:

    AllClasses.FromLoadedAssemblies().Where(type => typeof(IJob).IsAssignableFrom(type) && type.IsClass),
    t => t.IsNested ? t.DeclaringType.Name + "." + t.Name : t.Name,

I also built an extension method:

public static IJob Job(this string src)
    var container = UnityConfig.GetConfiguredContainer();
    var job = container.Resolve<IJob>(src);
    return job;

I created a small model for the Minimum Payload:

public class MinimumCommandModel : IRequest<MinimumResultModel>
    public MinimumCommandModel(string json)
        FullPayloadString = json;
        MinimumPayload = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<MinimumPayload>(json);

    public string MinimumPayloadString => JsonConvert.SerializeObject(MinimumPayload); 
    public string FullPayloadString { get; set; }
    public MinimumPayload MinimumPayload { get; set; }

I can then directly get a job from a (JSON) sting payload:

var command = new MinimumCommandModel(Request.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result);
var job = command.MinimumPayload.JobName.Job();
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