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Javascript Question

Passing data id from a php loop to jquery

I am using PHP

loop to use create rating inputs:

<input id="input<?php echo $i ?>" data-id="<?php echo $i ?>" class="rating-loading">

The problem is
should be unique for the jQuery function and I do not know how to pass this data id to the jQuery, I tried to make it something like this:

$(document).on('ready', function(){
//my function

However it is not working. If on top I make
and in the script I add
var id = 1;
it is working only for my first inputs inside loop, but I'm not sure how to pass this
to the jQuery. I even tried:

$(document).on('ready', function(){
//my function

However this is also not working. Please help me.

Answer Source

Don't use incremental id attributes; they quickly become a pain to maintain. Use a common class instead. Your inputs already have a .rating-loading class, so we can use that:

<input data-id="<?php echo $i ?>" class="rating-loading">
    //my function
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