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Java Question

Sorting numbers in Stack using one int variable

I have a Stack variable (java collection) which holds five integers and I was also given one int variable. Is it possible to sort the numbers in the given stack. I am not able to solve that. Please post here if you have ideas.

Stack<Integer> s = new Stack<Integer>();
int a;

We should not create any new variable except the one given in the above code snippet and also should not use Collections.sort(s).

Answer Source

Here i found the perfect answer from geeksforgeeks which uses recursion. Just posting the same algorithm here.


We can use below algorithm to sort stack elements:

sortStack(stack S)
if stack is not empty:
    temp = pop(S);  
    sortedInsert(S, temp);

Below algorithm is to insert element is sorted order:

sortedInsert(Stack S, element)

if stack is empty OR element > top element
    push(S, elem)
    temp = pop(S)
    sortedInsert(S, element)
    push(S, temp)
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